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!comment with your characters

!other people comment to your comment with a character + one of yours (theirs or otherwise.) It doesn't matter if biologically they couldn't have a baby (because both of them are male or both of them are female--you can blame the community).

!reply with the following about their first child (or second if you've done this meme before with them):

A. name
B. house (where do they live/with what parent/etc)
C. pb (or description if proven unable to find a good face)
D. circumstances of conception
E. three random facts

There is no frivolity here okay. Let's get some frivolity all up in this meme com.




* Everything is forced anonymous. If caught breaking anon, you will have to write a pairing involving one of your characters that is BRAINBREAKING.
----Talking entirely OOC on Character Journals counts as breaking anon.
* All pairings should be characters from DDD. NPC canonmates are cool, too, so long as one or more DDDer is involved.
* REGARDING KINKS: If you use a kink that's not self-explanatory, please explain it. Remember, it doesn't have to be a fetish directly, either, it can be a situation or a setting.
* Make a request, fill a request. Or at least –try-.
* Please, only ONE request per comment.
* Requests can be filled more than once.
* You may respond In Character AFTER the request has been filled.
----What occurs IC on kink meme doesn’t reflect back on the actual community unless all muns involved consent
* Ratings run like the movies here, folks. You can request G to NC17. DO NOT WRITE PORN FOR A REQUEST THAT DOES NOT ASK FOR IT.
* Feel free to use all mediums for responses: artwork, drabbles, fics, poems, etc.
* Have fun!

List of RP kinks Here and list of strangely worded and more specific kinks here. Get creative people!

current promptsCollapse )

Here is a text box to make it easy for you:

REVEAL will be posted JANUARY 5th.


Dec. 16th, 2011

So it's over halfway through December! Which means that for many people, it is or is nearly winter break! And that means time to discover new fandoms! Therefore, I think it's time for a round of...


step 1: cut a hole in a bo- fill out the text box below, one canon per comment
step 2: hideously enable people who express interest in your canon(s)
step 3: be hideously enabled when expressing interest in other canons
step 4: ???
step 5: app


it's been five months. let's do this.


1.  Post with your characters, one per comment. (NO REALLY YOU KIND OF HAVE TO FOR THIS ONE)
2.  Your character is now experiencing their worst fear. Yes, it is actually happening right now in that thread.
3.  Other characters respond, somehow ending up stumbling across that situation (WHO CARES THIS IS MEMELAND), to comfort/mock/mourn/battle/etc.!

IC Christmas Lists

We have one of these every year (or at least the past two years... I looked) and personally I think it's the most useful thing ever so I'm offering it up again!

The IC Christmas List Directory!

◆ Post with your characters.
◆ Tag other people and tell them what your character is getting them for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus.
That way this will all be in one place and we won't forget anyone when they post about their hauls!

Obviously not everyone knows who's getting who what just now, so come back to this when you do. Feel free to use this post to go: "OMG WHAT DO I GET YOUR GUY?" and talk it out within the comments if you're clueless.

By plurkular demand

They say this universe is bound to blow
I say we crank up the calypso control
Apocalyp- apocalyp-


The world has ended. Quite literally. Whether it was a devastating war with powerful weapons, an alien invasion, a natural disaster, or whatever else, your characters are now living in the aftermath.

1. Post with your characters (one per comment is encouraged)
2. Somebody replies
3. Play things out. This can be right after the end of the world, a long time after the end of the world, or even while it's still in the process. How did it end? Were you involved? Did you cause it? Up to you! Feel free to make it ridiculous - or not. It can be sadtiems, but doesn't need to. Just come to an agreement.

Dec. 12th, 2011

heart meme

1. Post a blank comment.
2. Other people will reply to your comment with the appropriate hearts!
3. There is ALT-TEXT on these hearts that shows up when you hover over them! (The text within the "span title=" brackets.) Feel free to switch it up and type whatever you want in there - whether it's tl;dr about that emotion, or LOLOLOLOLOL - for maximum fun!
4. If you think you need another colour entirely to express your characters' feelings, go right ahead and add it in.

there is love in our bodies, and it holds us together.Collapse )

Secret Santa assignments~

If your character signed up for their secret santa, they will now be getting their assignment!

Issei would like for all characters to turn in their gifts by the 23rd, which gives them about two weeks to get something for their assigned person. By the 25th at the latest, all the gifts will be given out.

RNG-created assignments under here!Collapse )

If I've accidentally made a mistake or paired the same mun's characters, let me know and I'll fix it!


It's the soundtrack meme!

✽ Post a list of your characters
✽ People will reply with either songs that fit the character or CR
✽ ???
✽ Profit~!

/scrambles back to the pile of presentations due this week

It's December, now it's legit.

The Mistletoe Meme

1. Post with your characters.
2. The character that replies will has just passed under a mistletoe with yours--and they can't leave the room until the two of them kiss!
3. Go to RNG and roll for one of the five options. The ribbon with which the mistletoe is tied determines how long the kiss must last.

1No Ribbon One simple kiss.
2Green Ribbon One minute.
3Red Ribbon Thee Minutes.
4Silver Ribbon Five minutes.
5Gold Ribbon Seven minutes.